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James Sweet is a reporter for 71 Republic from Lexington, South Carolina. He is an advocate for voluntary association and the free markets, alongside personal responsibility. As well as being a member of his school's FBLA chapter and debate team, James is the Director of the South Carolina Libertarian Youth Caucus. You can contact him at [email protected]

Italy’s Populist Government Materializes

Italy has reached a coalition government deal, leading the European Union to face an uncertain future.

North Korea Warns The United States

The North Korean regime has warned the US and its diplomatic narrative.

Rand Paul Betrayed Us, But He Is Not Alone

Senator Paul and Senator Coons have betrayed their constituents with their recent actions in the Senate.

Japanese Agency Orders Crypto Exchange to Improve Itself

Japan is forcing crypto exchanges to improve their operations to meet government standards.

Just In Case: How to Fight a Revolution

The reason for the Second Amendment is forgotten by many. Few also know how to overthrow tyranny with their rights.

Newnan, Georgia Residents Prepare for a Possible Neo-Nazi Rally

A city in Georgia is preparing for a possible conflict involving Neo-Nazis.


Wyoming: An American Fiscal Haven

The least populated state in the nation has taken bold steps towards economic freedom.

An Open Letter to Young Advocates of Gun Control

An open letter addressed to the younger advocates of gun control and their movement.

Asheville Police Officers Beat and Tase a Man for Jaywalking

Asheville police have demonstrated the monstrosity that is the enforcement of unjust laws.

Being a Victim Does Not Make You a Policy Expert

Being a victim does not give you any more expertise in a field than an average citizen, and it's time we stopped acting like it does.