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James Sweet is a reporter for 71 Republic from Lexington, South Carolina. He is an advocate for voluntary association and the free markets, alongside personal responsibility. As well as being a member of his school's FBLA chapter and debate team, James is the Director of the South Carolina Libertarian Youth Caucus. You can contact him at [email protected]

Your Bitcoin Wallet May No Longer Be Private

The Feds, if they get their way, may just ruin a key aspect of cryptocurrencies.

Two Acting Directors, One Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's director resigned, causing confusion over the next acting director.


The Department of Justice Blocks AT&T Merger

The Department of Justice is filing a civil antitrust lawsuit. Here's the details.

OPINION: A Constitutional Monarchy Is Preferable to Constitutional Mob Rule

A constitutional monarchy provides a better system for individual liberties. Here's how.

Why the Atlanta Mayoral Election Matters

The Atlanta mayoral race can possibly change black influence in the South forever.

The USA Liberty Act is Changing the Surveillance State. Here’s How.

Can the USA Liberty Act finally reform the process of collecting electronic communications?