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Is Our Society Still Racist?

Originally posted on 71 Republic:
By James Lakin | UNITED STATES (71 RepublicBreaking) An investigation was conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research whereby resumes of equal qualifications were submitted to various available positions. The research, which was aggregated across a multitude of industries, found that names such as Emily Walsh and Joe Baker were 33%…

A Former Spy Was At Trump JR Meeting

By Eli Ridder | WASHINGTON, DC An ex-Soviet counter-intelligence agent turned lobbyist attended the 2016 meeting with Donald Trump Jr, a Russian lawyer allegedly connected with the Kremlin, and other Trump campaign officials.  Trump Jr releases emails  Named as Rinat Akhmetshin told the Associated Press news agency that he was present at the encounter in Trump ...

US Politician’s Ex-Staffers Send Nudes

By Carter Goode | WASHINGTON, DC Two former employees of a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives were indicted today in a cyberstalking case, according to the Department of Justice. Juan R McCullum was indicted on two counts of cyberstalking after he allegedly distributed nude images and videos of his former boss, while ...

Iraqi PM in Mosul marking victory

Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi visited Mosul on Sunday to congratulate Iraqi forces for their victory over Daesh (IS) in the war-torn city.

First Libertarian Elected In Mississippi

By James Lakin | Mclain, MS Earlier today, Mayor Steve McCluskey of the small town of Mclain, MS became the first Libertarian elected in Mississippi history. This is not only an incredible stride for the Libertarian Party, but a necessity for the struggling small town which Mayor McCluskey was elected to govern. Below, entails the ...

Amazon To Buy Whole Foods For 13.7 Billion Dollars

Amazon announced today, its plans to purchase the high-end grocer, Whole Foods, for 13.7 billion dollars

A Brief History Of The British Labour Party

Pictured: The red rose of democratic socialism, an ideology held by Jeremy Corbyn and many within the Labour Party. The Labour Party has many twists within its history, both modern and old.

12 Killed & 42 Wounded In IS Attack On Iranian Parliament

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for two attacks in the heart of Iran

JB Pritzker – A Man For Himself

JB Pritzker, a wealthy Illinois Democrat running for governor, has taken a $230,000 tax deduction off of the 6.2 million dollar mansion he purchased next door to his other mansion. This may seem bad, however, it is only one of the many ways that Pritzker exploits the system for his benefit. His family’s business, Hyatt […]

1 Killed In Times Square Crash

By James Lakin | UNITED STATES (71 RepublicBreaking) On Thursday, Mr. Richard Rojas got behind the wheel of his Honda Accord, drove to Times Square, and drove his vehicle through a protective barrier, killing 1 and injuring 20. Mr. Rojas reported that he thought the world was going to end and went on to state "I ...