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Social Media Censorship: Platform or Publisher?

Mike Ottavio | @MadMikePolitics

Times change but our rights do not.  This sentiment, repeated mostly by conservatives and libertarians, aims to show that no matter what changes in our society, our rights should always stay the same.  This is a good mindset for any freedom loving individual. But what happens when society changes so much that the way we enforce these rights change? No, we aren’t talking about guns. We are talking about the mother of all rights, freedom of speech. More specifically, we are talking about how it is threatened on social media.

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Julian Assange, Co-Founder of Wikileaks, Arrested

Mike Ottavio | @MadMikePolitics

Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange was arrested this morning after spending 7 years in an Ecuadorian embassy, BBC reports.

Assange initially took refuge in an Ecuadorian embassy seven years ago to avoid being extradited to Sweden over a sexual assault case that has since been dropped.

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Does Biden Owe it to His Accuser Not to Run?

Michael Ottavio | @madmikepolitics

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden has been making headlines recently as he finds himself on the wrong end of a sexual harassment accusation. Biden, who dedicates his time to fighting sexual assault on college campuses, was accused by ex-Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, of inappropriately kissing her at a 2014 campaign rally in Nevada.
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In Wake of the Mueller Probe, Silence Is Trump’s Best Friend

Michael Ottavio | @madmikepolitics

This past week, special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report on the Russian probe to the DOJ. This officially marks the end of the investigation into possible collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. Since the conclusion of the Mueller Probe, Trump has been making waves by staying silent for a change; that silence could be his best friend going forward.

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Body Cameras May Do More Harm Than Good

Michael Ottavio | United States

On Wednesday the New York City Police Department announced that it has officially equipped every police officer a body camera. The NYPD has since issued over 20,000 body cameras. Every uniformed cop regardless of rank will be wearing these body cameras.

This move comes after a judge ruled in 2017 that their stop and frisk tactics were unconstitutional. The court also ordered them to wear body cameras. Since the NYPD mandated body cameras, public complaints have gone down, according to reports. However, police body cameras are still very problematic for several reasons.

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