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Does Political Integrity Exist in American Politics?

Integrity is a value greatly lacking in our political figures today, as they have abandoned it, and their principles, to better themselves and gain power.

This Could Be Worse Than the Cold War

To prevent such a terrifying occurrence as WWIII, communication needs to be restored between countries, and expansionism needs to cease in order to not press other countries towards retaliation.

US-Russian Cybersecurity: Espionage at Home and Afar

The US and several multinational organizatons have a focus on cybersecurity and spying, and so it falls to whistleblowers to expose them.

Iran vs The World

Iran has been shaped, influenced, benefited, and harmed by the international community from almost the beginning.

US, Russia, and China Relations – Part 2

The sure way to peace is the age-old tale of continuing in free trade, having Justice systems that provide equality under the law and cease the prowess of global military might or dominance.

US, Russia And China Relations (Part 1)

A primer on our Pacific allies

The Consequences of States Defining Nations

When States define nations and collect statistics about people within them, they are only creating more tools to divide those who are equal.

Two Practical Tips For Every Libertarian

These two basic practices will change the entire intellectual lifestyle of a libertarian in a positive way.

The Social Security Ponzi Will Fail Sooner Than You May Think

The more we put between ourselves and those in need, such as through government programs, other people, etc. the less we are concerned with those in need.

James Baldwin and American Slavery: The Effects and Repercussions

James Baldwin and his written works played a critical role on beginning to reshape American culture after slavery's repercussions had gripped America.