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Kaycee Ikeonu is an undergraduate student at the University of Victoria, Canada. He is interested in Political philosophy and economic policy. He cites Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell as his main intellectual influencers. To contact Kaycee, email him at [email protected]; and follow him on Twitter @kayceelibertas.

All You Need to Know About The American Capitalist Party

Mark Pellegrino's American Capitalist Party challenges the Libertarian Party.

Larry Sharpe Is Wrong-There Should Be No Compromise Between Baker and Gay Couple

Compromise on the "bake the cake" issue betrays libertarian principles and allows the state to grow in power and size, at the expense of civil liberties.

Santa Monica Could Soon Ban Bird and Lime E-Scooters

This Tuesday evening, the city of Santa Monica is debating whether or not to ban Bird and Lime e-scooters from their streets.

Do Trump’s Tariffs Really Protect Anybody At All?

The president's tariffs have been dubbed a form of protectionism, but are they actually protecting anyone?