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Kenneth Casey is a libertarian writer who's beliefs have been most influenced by Frederic Bastiat, Freidrich Hayek, and Adam Smith. Follow him on Twitter @KennethECasey

Paul, Lee Only Senators to Vote Against U.S. Support of NATO

Last year, the Senate supported Montenegro's addition to NATO, with only two Senators objecting. Now, the same two oppose a continuation of US support.

Libertarians Should Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Is he another principled originalist constitutional conservative in the likes of Judge Neil Gorsuch who will protect our 4th amendment rights, or will he sacrifice our constitutional liberties from time-to-time?

Cease The War In Afghanistan

Our mission has been done since December, 2001.

Rand Paul’s Critical Supreme Court Nominee Vote

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court nominee, may face some backlash from Rand Paul and other key Senators.

Liberty-Leaning Mike Lee Should Stay in the Senate

Though Mike Lee would make a great Supreme Court Justice, his role in the Senate is too essential to lose.