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Is Trump’s Wall What’s Best At The Border?

Building a wall along the southern border with Mexico is not only fiscally irresponsible but is impractical and would likely not solve illegal immigration.

Rank Choice Voting: How We Can Empower Voters and Save Taxpayer Money

We have plenty of reason to at least look at how to do our elections differently, not just to save taxpayer dollars, but also to empower We The People against special interests that tend to have more financial resources.

Will Trump Take Down The Fed?

Our President narrows all of our economic issues down to only one problem: The Fed.

Christmas Withdrawal From Syria Exposes Trump’s Allies

President Trump's sudden announcement that American troops will soon be leaving Syria has exposed who truly supports his agenda and those who do not.

The Senate Strikes Back

Winning elections is harder to do when you are being held accountable for screwing up a difficult and unpopular decision.