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We Shouldn’t Trust Trump’s CIA Appointment

Who is President Trump's director of CIA appointment and why we shouldn’t trust her.

Nobody Truly Understands Natural Human Rights

The debate over what is a right rages on, yet few truly understand what rights are.

Government is Simply a Massive Scam

Government is simply not worth the costs.

The Market Forces Companies to Care For Consumers

A rational individual will purchase a good or service if the benefit they receive from that service is equal to or outweighs the cost of it.

Drug Prohibition is Not the Government’s Responsibility

Drug prohibition is an inherently violent policy.

Advocacy For Any Law is Advocacy For Violence

When we talk about the betterment of society, it should be through the paradigm of peace, cooperation, and voluntarism.

The First Anarcho-Capitalist

Lao Tzu is the first Rothbardian, thousands of years before Rothbard was born.

How Portugal Is Winning The War On Drugs

Portuguese officials came to the conclusion that hardcore criminalization was not the answer to the problem.

Molon Labe: A Call Against Authoritarians

The story behind this phrase represents defiance of authority and a refusal to surrender the natural right to self-preservation.

Socialism Fails Due to the Lack of Economic Calculation

Mises proved that socialism wouldn't work because It cannot distinguish more or less valuable uses of resources.