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Happy Birthday: How One Song United a Nation at The State of the Union Address

By Matthew Geiger | @mattg444

The talking heads of the mainstream media will tell you that we live in a nation divided. On their broadcasts, journalists will exclaim that the republic is crumbling. If you watch the news, you’d know that the world is burning, and its epicenter is the Trump Administration. Maybe that’s true, but at the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, it was not.

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71 Republic Launches Technology Integration with Parler®

By 71 Republic | Press Release

We recently integrated our website with Parler. Parler is the technology behind the new commenting system for our articles.  We chose to use Parler instead of many other commenting systems because they are a neutral organization that believes every website and user has the right to moderate and post autonomously. They also stand behind freedom of speech and believe that the open network of users should define relevant topics without interference from a subjective social media algorithm. We believe this can foster debates, arguments, and new ideas for our readers.

When you share comments on a 71 Republic website article, they also exist on the Parler News mobile app. Using the app, readers can communicate directly with each other. Furthermore, Parler gives the option to send push notifications to your device.

Free speech is the foremost right to protect because it is the pathway to freedom of thought.  We believe in partnering with a platform that supports this idea. The purpose of free speech is to allow social discussion and for the best ideas to come out on top. Specifically, we both emphasize “uncovered covered media,” as 71 Republic CEO Matthew Geiger put it in Brian Nichols’ August 16th podcast.

A monopoly of ideology currently moderates many websites, social networks, and media publishers. We, on the other hand, reject these echo chambers. They mislead society into believing these ideas are popular. But often times, the words merely comprise the collective ideologies of a certain few.

Supporting free speech social networks, open commenting systems and transparent software platforms is important in order to protect free discourse. Power over propaganda should not be in the hands of a few. We look forward to a successful partnership between 71 Republic and Parler.

About 71 Republic

71 Republic is one of the fastest-growing independent political news organizations in the country. Launched in June of 2017, the company is a haven for independent journalism, featuring voices that span the political spectrum.

About Parler

Parler is a small software company focused on digital media technology and based out of Henderson, NV. We invite you to visit us at and read more at and download the app here.


Robertson Williams, VP of Business Development, Parler, LLC: [email protected]

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Democrat Joe Manchin Holds Senate Seat

By Matthew Geiger | West Virginia

71 Republic has called Democrat Joe Manchin as the winner of the West Virginia Senate race at 9:10 pm. Manchin leads the race by roughly 7%. Manchin acquired the seat in 2010 and won reelection easily in 2012. He has since been one of the more moderate Democrats in the Senate, voting in agreement with President Trump roughly 60% of the time.

Although West Virginia is a staunchly conservative state, it only recently became Republican, with the election of Shelly Capito in 2015 being the first GOP Senator from WV since the 50’s. Manchin’s challenger, Republican Patrick Morrisey, won a brutal three-way primary to become the Republican nominee back in may. Libertarian Rusty Hollen is also a candidate in this race.

The central issue of the campaign is the coal industry, which is vital to the West Virginian economy. Manchin was a significant vote for Justice Kavanaugh confirmation, helping to send him to the Supreme Court. Between 2005 and 2010, Manchin was the Governor of West Virginia and he is well liked throughout the state for his independent streak.

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LIVE: Libertarian Midterm Results

The following live blog is dedicated solely to the coverage of Libertarian Candidates in the 2018 Midterm Election. Enjoy!

A United States Led Coalition Attack Chemical Weapons Locations In Syria

By Matthew Geiger | @mattg444

President Trump has announced the launching of missiles into Syria, primarily to target chemical weapons stockpiles. Scroll to the bottom of this article for current information.



Signs of a potential strike today became more clear as the press at White House were held in anticipation of an announcement. Since there was no event on the President’s schedule, many interpreted this as a potential missile launch into Syria.

A “lid” is another way of saying that there will be no news reported from White House officials for an indefinite period of time. Usually, these “lids” are attached to time periods, such as a “dinner lid,” which means no news will be announced until after dinner.

The press parking lot at the Pentagon was full this evening, which is a telltale sign that military action is imminent.


As time ticked further and further into the night, a United States Airforce intelligence aircraft was spotted on the coast of Syria.


At 19 minutes past 8 PM Eastern, the President was nowhere to be seen in the West Wing.


The President’s absence was then followed by an announcement that the Vice President was rushed back to his hotel on a state visit in Peru. Sources state that this was not planned.


Pentagon Correspondent Joe R. Tabet has confirmed that a Syrian Missle Strike will happen.


President Trump announces to the Nation that he will launch missiles into Syria.

In his speech, the President called out the nations of Russia and Iran to halt the funding and geopolitical support of Syria.

The United States seeks no indefinite position in Syria.

-President Donald Trump


The first missiles have struck targets in Syria.

Huge blasts were also reported in Damascus, the capital of the Nation.

Video of the blasts:

Syrian forces attempted to shoot the missiles down, as seen here:


British Prime Minister Theresa May makes the first statement of the night regarding the strikes:

A Pentagon briefing has been slated for 10 PM Eastern.


More details on the strikes are coming in:

9:35-9:50 PM EASTERN, APRIL 13TH

Fox News is reporting that the British and French have aided the US in the strikes. Manned aircraft are being used in the attack as well.

Syrian State TV announced that the Government will be launching counter-attacks.

More pictures of the attacks and counterstrikes are being posted on social media:

Russia is reportedly defending Damascus alongside the Syrian Government.


Two massive updates at 10 till 10 Eastern.

  1. Hezbollah HQ hit by US Coalition Strikes

2. Russia is activating planes over Syria. Their purpose has not been discerned yet.


The Pentagon is currently holding a Press Conference regarding the strikes, as attacks continue in Syria.

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