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I’m a libertarian, fighting for freedom and liberty in an authoritarian world.

Explosion Reported In Manhattan, Possible Terrorist Attack

Detonated bomb reported by the Port Authority Subway Station.

ROY MOORE ROCKED: Four Women Accuse The Justice Of Sexual Misconduct

Roy Moore, who is the Republican Nominee for Alabama’s open Senate seat, found himself in a tough position today when four women came out and stated that Moore had pursued sexual relationships with them while still in their teens.

How To Run SEO In Fashion Industry Efficiently: The Guide From Semalt

Before SEO came to revolutionize marketing in all industries, marketing in fashion enterprise was limited to fashion shows, magazines and catalogues, and reality TV fashion programs. Though these traditional marketing methods are still used today to seize marketing opportunities, the majority of fashion entrepreneurs are now using savvy digital marketing techniques to maintain a firm ...

State Representative Defects To The Libertarian Party

Brandon Phinney (Republican), who represents Rochester wards four and five in the New Hampshire State House, has announced this morning that he is joining the Libertarian Party.

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