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How Stellar Blows Ripple Out Of The Water

How Stellar's technology blows Ripple out of the water.


VeChain’s 2018 Rebrand: What You Need To Know

The VeChain team is already making huge strides within the IoT market, but they’re looking to go even further.


Blockchain Meets Politics: How Voatz is Redefining What it Means to Vote

Cryptocurrency is currently the primary focus of the blockchain, and it’s what’s generating all of the hype surrounding it. However, the blockchain doesn’t need to just be limited to just currency, and one startup is proving why.

The Banker’s Bitcoin: How Ripple is Against the Goal of Cryptocurrency

By Max Bibeau | USA Cryptocurrency is a newly popularized method of transferring value. It prides itself primarily on three things: decentralization, security, and its lack of banking influence. However, while popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) check all of these boxes, Ripple (XRP) finds itself surprisingly lacking. As Ripple becomes a serious ...

Is NEO The Future of Smart Contracts?

Ethereum is the current leader in creating a "smart economy." But could NEO challenge that title?

2018: The Year of Monero?

2017 was the year of Bitcoin - but will 2018 be the year of Monero?


New Law Allows Searches of DC, Virginia, Maryland Homes Without A Warrant

A new bill was passed by Congress and was signed into law by President Trump on August 22nd that compromises homeowner’s right to privacy in certain parts of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.