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Max Bibeau is an editor and journalist for 71 Republic. Max has been heavily influenced by libertarian figures such as Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, John Locke, and Ludwig von Mises, and loves to delve into discussions and analysis of moral and political philosophies. Max is also extremely interested in economics, and follows the Austrian School closely. At his high school in Dripping Springs, Max is also the captain of the congressional debate team. Max is also the president of his local Libertarian Youth Caucus, and reads political novels whenever possible. To contact Max, feel free to email him at

This Mayoral Candidate Is A Libertarian’s Dream

Chris Holbrook, a former gubernatorial candidate in the state of Minnesota, is running again, this time to be the Mayor of St. Paul, a city just East of Minneapolis.

Yes, Bitcoin Is A Bubble

Bitcoin Investor Max Bibeau provides an in depth analysis of the "Bitcoin bubble."

Think Tank Funded By Google Fires Employee for Criticizing Tech Giant

After the firing of an employee solely for criticizing Google, think tanks around the US learned just how much influence the tech giant has over the content that can be released.

New Law Allows Searches of DC, Virginia, Maryland Homes Without A Warrant

A new bill was passed by Congress and was signed into law by President Trump on August 22nd that compromises homeowner’s right to privacy in certain parts of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

The Status of Marijuana in Texas

The extremely conservative state of Texas has recently taken surprising steps towards accepting cannabis, through decriminalization and medical efforts.

The Controversial Way Iceland Has Almost Eliminated Down Syndrome

The country of Iceland is on track to completely eliminate Down syndrome in their country through an extremely controversial program: eugenics.

71R Exclusive Interview With Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Jake Porter

On August 8th, 71 Republic editor Max Bibeau interviewed Jake Porter, a Libertarian Party candidate for Governor in Iowa.

71R Book Review: Arguments for Liberty

71 Republic Editor Max Bibeau reviews the book Arguments for Liberty edited by Aaron Ross Powell and Grant Babcock.

Bitcoin Reaches Record Value

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency currently on the market, has reached a record high value of $3409 at about 8:00 am on August 7th according to Coinbase.

BREAKING: Venezuelan Rebels Attack Military Base

Venezuelan rebel groups have turned increasingly violent as the socialist country continues to face difficulties regarding food supply, police overreach, and tyrannical policy.