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Glenn “Kane” Jacobs Chokeslams Opposition

WWE star Glenn "Kane" Jacobs has won his mayoral nomination.

The Stormy Daniels Story is Irrelevant

The outrage over Stormy Daniels is unfounded

The Youtube Shooter Wrap-up

More pertinent information on the preventable YouTube shooting.

Active Shooter Reported in Youtube Headquarters

According to several eyewitnesses, shots were heard inside of Youtube’s HQ in San Bruno, California.

Elon Musk Leaves Facebook Following Data Collection

Amidst the Cambridge Analytica data collection scandal surrounding Facebook, billionaire Elon Musk has decided to leave Facebook

Islamic State Attacks French Supermarket, Showing A Failure For Gun Control

This attack is a prime example of how mass murdering psychopaths will obtain firearms regardless of the laws.

Why is Nobody Talking About the Utah School Bomber?

There's a simple answer as to why the mainstream media is ignoring this near-tragedy.

Jerome Powell: The Name All Libertarians Should Remember

Jerome Powell currently sits as the largest threat to libertarians in this nation.