Author: Mike McCosker

Glenn “Kane” Jacobs Chokeslams Opposition

By Mike McCosker | United States

Thursday May 3, 2018, at 1:30pm, Glenn Jacobs, more commonly known by his WWE ring name, Kane, won the Republican nomination for mayor, in Knox County Tennessee. Voting took place in the county on Tuesday, but all votes were tallied, and results were officially released Thursday.

This may proverbially seal the deal for the 51 year old former WWE Superstar, as Knox County has historically voted Republican in almost all elections. The race was tough for Jacobs, and his main opposition to the seat, Commissioner Brad Anders, was only 17 votes behind. 1

Jacobs has been wrestling for the WWF/WWE since 1995, and has been one of the company’s mainstays since donning the moniker of Kane in 1997. 2 At this time, it is not clear if Jacob’s winning the nomination means that the character of Kane will continue to wrestle, or if he will retire from the WWE. Jacobs last performed for the WWE at WrestleMania 34, and lasted until the final four. 3

For the past few years Jacobs has become very involved in the Knox Country area. He built a business, Jacobs Insurance Associates, champions the Kindness Revolution, a national anti-bullying initiative, and created Kane’s Crusaders, a non-profit organization that desires to “bring joy to the chronically ill teenagers of East Tennessee.” 4

The good news about Jacobs joining the political cult of personality, is that he has described himself as a conservative libertarian. On his campaign website, Jacobs condenses his political opinions when he said, “We understand that hard work, ability, and the willingness to succeed should be rewarded and encouraged. We understand that people should enjoy the fruits of their labor, not see their efforts wiped out by high taxes. We understand that the free enterprise system—the greatest wealth producing machine the world has ever known—shouldn’t be crippled by over-regulation, but it should be unleashed so that the American Dream is available to everyone.” 4

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The Stormy Daniels Story is Irrelevant

By Mike McCosker | United States

If you were to tune into CNN, or any of the other liberal news outlets over the past few months, it would be inevitable that you would be blasted with ideas that the 45th President Donald Trump, is the worst human that has ever walked the planet. When allegations of a connection between the Russian government and the Trump campaign were disproved, the news went into Trump’s bedroom. Literally, liberal news organizations are so determined to destroy the character of Donald Trump that they are continuously dissecting the story of Trump’s affair with a porn star, Stormy Daniels. 1

In 2011, the pornographic actress claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Donald Trump. Trump has since declined, and then accepted the allegations that he has slept with Daniels. However, the negligible scandal comes as a result of Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paying Daniels $130,000 in order to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the affair. 2

The Stormy Daniels story, is ridiculous, and only highlights the left’s inability to use reason to explain why their ideas are worthwhile. First, the progressive culture often highlights and promiscuity. In an article from May, 2017, the New York Post wrote an article in which they said that it was time to “rethink cheating.” 3 Using logic and normal, adult, human reasoning, that would mean that it is either right or wrong for everyone to cheat. If it is ok for everyone to cheat, then Trump did nothing wrong, and if it is always wrong to cheat, then sexual promiscuity is wrong, and liberals have a foolish platform.

Second, the government should not be in the business of inspecting bedrooms.  In America, 38 states have laws that allow them to imprison individuals for things like owning more than six dildos (Texas), or that it is illegal to get married if you have gonorrhea (Montana.) 4 These are necessarily offences against the individual, and are violations of the right of privacy, and any sort of right to self-ownership.

The third, and biggest reason the Stormy Daniels story is irrelevant is, who cares? Nobody ever expected Donald J. Trump to be a moral beacon, or the prime example of monogamy; and if they did then they should have revisited his time in the WWE, the Apprentice, or friendships with the Clintons.

Donald Trump obviously has his shortcomings, whether they are moral, Twitter rants, or decisions to start WW3 because of self-destructive patterns in the Middle East. Yet, this Stormy Daniels story is not one of them.

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The Youtube Shooter Wrap-up

By Mike McCosker | United States

Tuesday, April 3, 2018, at about 12:30 pm, a single shooter entered the Youtube Headquarters located in San Bruno, California. The shooter wounded three people before turning the handgun on herself. The shooter has been identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a thirty-nine-year-old Iranian immigrant who lived in San Diego.
San Bruno Police Department received the first 911 phone call at 12:46 pm, and was on site by 12:48 pm. Initial reports came by way of various social media posts from those inside of the building. 1

As time has passed since the shooting, information regarding Aghdam has become available in droves. The information is so readily available because Aghdam was a creative contributor on Youtube’s video platform. Aghdam was angry at Youtube because they had demonetized all the videos that she posted. Nasim’s father, Ismail Aghdam, told the Bay Area News Group, that “she was angry,” after Youtube had stopped paying. 2

The demonetization from Youtube has come from recent policy changes, in which, Youtube now require 4000 hours of watched video time, within a 12 month period, and at least 1000 subscribers to pay a creator for content. 3

Nasim’s father described her as an animal rights activist and a vegan. Nasim even went so far as to say, “For me, animal rights equal human rights,” Aghdam told the San Diego Union-Tribune, in 2009. 4

Unfortunately, for those injured inside of Youtube HQ, police could have prevented these injuries. Monday night, Nasim slept in her car, and her father reported her missing. Mountain View police later found her around 2 am. The police did not arrest Aghdam, despite her father telling the police that she was upset. 2 At least two hours later, Aghdam drove 500 miles to the Youtube HQ to try and get her revenge. Law enforcement could have stopped the attack, had the officers done their jobs.

This event comes just a few weeks after another, more famous, shooting took place in Parkland, Florida. In both shootings, people told law enforcement agencies about a potential danger. Also in both shootings, law enforcement failed to intervene. The lesson from this developing pattern is clear: the government does not care about the safety of its citizens. The only sure-fire way to ensure that an individual is equal in force to a violent, deranged, psychopath, is with the protection of the Right to Bear Arms. Arm yourself, train yourself, and protect yourself, and your family.

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Active Shooter Reported in Youtube Headquarters

By Mike McCosker| United States

According to several eyewitnesses, shots were heard inside of Youtube’s HQ in San Bruno, California.

There are several reports from various people in or around Youtube that have addressed that the building is on lockdown and that 911 was called. New updates are to come.

Update: San Bruno Police Department, ” We are responding to an active shooter. Please stay away from Cherry Ave & Bay Hill Drive.

Update: A female suspect is now dead, by suicide, after wounding four people in Youtube’s headquarters. The suspect was described as white and wearing a headscarf. San Bruno Police Chief said in an official statement that the four injured victims were all shot, and have been brought to hospitals.

A spokesman for San Francisco General Hospital has stated that they received three of the patients: one in critical condition, one in serious condition, and one in fair condition.

Elon Musk Leaves Facebook Following Data Collection

By Mike McCosker | United States

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX , Tesla , Neuralink , the Boring Company, and the former CEO of Paypal, has left Facebook. 1 Musk also deleted the public Facebook pages for both Tesla and SpaceX after learning that Facebook gave the private information of 50 million users to a political data firm. The political data firm, Cambridge Analytica, was hired by President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to help identify and influence voters. 2 Only 270,000 of the 50 million profile users consented to participation in the data collection. 3

Elon Musk’s reaction to this sort of illegal and unethical behavior was to delete the pages of his two largest companies and his personal account. Musk deleted those accounts because he distrusts the way Facebook handles consumer data, and stated that, “[Facebook] Gives me the willies.” 4 There has been a growing trend on various social media platforms, to delete Facebook the data scandal. This trend is commonly identified by the hashtag #deletefacebook.

Musk’s decision to leave Facebook comes shortly after a recent incident, in which Kylie Jenner left the Snapchat, causing the company to lose over $1 billion in stock value. 5 Jenner’s example should cause social media giants to try and retain celebrities. Elon Musk, while not in Hollywood, is a celebrity, and his loss from Facebook will cost the social media giant millions of dollars.

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