The College Board Adversity Score: A Middle Class Disaster

sat college board adversity score
Max Dunat | @m_dunattt

Yesterday, the College Board, which administers the SAT and associated exams, announced that it has begun to incorporate an “adversity score,” which measures socioeconomic background, into its test scoring regimen. This additional score runs from a scale of zero to one hundred; it considers factors fifteen ranging from the education quality and academic rigor of the applicant’s high school to crime and poverty statistics from the applicant’s neighborhood. Does it have any merits?

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Andrew Yang Is Wrong About Cocaine

cocaine andrew yang
Max Dunat | @m_dunattt

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang promises in his platform to “decriminalize the possession and use of small amounts of opioids,” citing similar policy in Portugal to address their own addiction crisis. However, in his April 14 CNN Town Hall, moderator Ana Cabrera pushed Yang about the specifics of his drug decriminalization policy; would he decriminalize drugs like cocaine as well?

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