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Noah La Vie is the video producer and an editorialist for 71 Republic. He is an accomplished film maker with an Achievement in Art Award from the Iowa Motion Picture Association and a nomination for Crystal Pillar from the Emmy organization in 2017. Noah is a staunch Independent and loves to keep up with American politics. When it comes to economics, Noah believes in Market Monetarism and is an avid reader of Lars Christiansen. Noah is an information hoarder and will go to many lengths to discover what may be the truth about any subject. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at [email protected]

Can we Survive a World Without Bees? Part 2

Can Humanity Survive Without Bees?

CDC Says Throw out Romaine, Warns of E. Coli Outbreak

THE CDC sent out this missive at 4PM EST on the 20th of April and immediately warns consumers and service industry members that are in possession of Romaine lettuce to throw it away.

Can we Survive a World Without Bees? Part 1

Can mankind survive without bees?

What it is Like to do Nothing?

"Listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering," is a phrase meant for five year olds, not an adult.

Conspiracy: Bottled Water Not Regulated

"It's not always obvious, it's not always clear, but water is regulated." Find out how!

Journals and Collective Chaos

One symptom however has proved to be especially troubling, we no longer keep our emotions facing inward, log them, categorize them, or look back at them. The advantage of the Journal was that it allowed one to know oneself better than they could without. The same is true today.


The Rise of Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse has increased 200% since 2010. Why? How? And what can be done?


´╗┐OPINION: Trump Retweets – The Good, The Bad, and the Memes

Trump uses memes, what does that mean for America?


Socialism Will Never Work

Fair is not a natural process.


Afghanistan: Trump and Change

Trump has recently announced a shift in how America will be operating in Afghan, what does this mean? Let's break it down.