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Othman John Mekhloufi is a writer for 71 Republic, and is currently in his sophomore year of High School. He is an active member of his local Libertarian Party, and his school’s debate team. Othman is also invested in his private debate academy which participates in many debate tournaments. He heavily believes in the enactment of small government, free markets, and protection of natural liberties. Not only this, but Othman holds a great love for his country, the United States of America. He can be reached on his social media; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @othmanmekhloufi

The City of Chicago Will Now Tax ‘Amusement’

The City of Chicago has decided that a new tax shall be levied on anything related to amusement, including subscriptions, football games, and video games.

Why Masculinity is in Fact Very Important Rather Than Toxic

Toxic masculinity is a pejorative and fatherhood should be widely promoted.

The True Factor of Poverty

The epidemic of poverty can be best explained by factors like marital status and attributed to minimum wage laws, not capitalism.

The Supreme Court building

The Supreme Court Poses a Threat to Natural Rights

When the Supreme Court is run by a textualist bench, rather than an originalist one, the natural rights of American people fall under attack.