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Owen Heimsoth is a neoliberal and political moderate. He believes in the values of globalism and free trade. Owen will be studying in Denmark for the 2018/2019 school year and can be contacted at

The US Can Help BMW Grow But Trump Is Hurting the Process

Donald Trump, through dangerous protectionist policy, is hurting the way that we grow our BMW's via free trade.

The EU is Flawed, but Not How I Previously Believed

The EU is full of flaws, though it does often face unfair straw-man arguments against it

The US is Ready to Accept a Moderate Party

America is ready for a third, moderate party.

Sign This Petition to Get Larry Sharpe on Colbert

Larry Sharpe is trying to get on The Late Show.

Fiscal Conservatism is Dead

The government cannot properly fund its own programs yet we are sending billions to countries that hate us.

Republican policies are shifting, but is it on the Right Issues?

After the Parkland shooting, Republican lawmakers are attempting to change their policies on gun control to attract more voters, but is it working?

Is Bill Gates A Closet Libertarian?

Through some liberty-minded responses on a Reddit questioning session, is Bill Gates revealing his libertarian tendencies to the world?

Meet The Libertarian Teenager Running For Governor Of Kansas

Ethan Randleas is a teenager running for governor in Kansas as a Libertarian.


GlobaLeaks: The Software Enabling Secure and Anonymous Whistleblowing Initiatives

GlobaLeaks want to protect those who would like to leak the information they have.


The US Reacts To The Memo

On Friday, the US House of Representatives Committee on Intelligence decided to release a GOP-authored memo regarding The Department of Justice, FISA, the FBI, and Donald Trump's election.