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Owen Heimsoth is a high school student from Ottawa, IL, and writer for 71 Republic. He will be going on foreign exchange for the 2018-2019 school year. Owen is inspired by the ideas of Ayn Rand and Ron Paul. He is what may be considered an "ultra-capitalist" and is a strong advocate to the free market and maximum civil liberties. He also plays soccer year-round for school and club teams. Owen can be contacted at

Meet The Libertarian Teenager Running For Governor Of Kansas

Ethan Randleas is a teenager running for governor in Kansas as a Libertarian.

GlobaLeaks: The Software Enabling Secure and Anonymous Whistleblowing Initiatives

GlobaLeaks want to protect those who would like to leak the information they have.

The US Reacts To The Memo

On Friday, the US House of Representatives Committee on Intelligence decided to release a GOP-authored memo regarding The Department of Justice, FISA, the FBI, and Donald Trump's election.

California House Leader Proposes a Ban on Restaurants Offering Unsolicited Straws

California's new joke of a legislation attempts to target straws.

SCORECARD: Was Trump’s First Year a Good or Bad One?

Trump, through all his good and bad moments, remained president. How did he do?

US Media Bias is the Worst In the World, According to Pew Research Center

The five major US sources are showing a definite right or left bias. Why do people watch or read these?

China is Ready for War

President Xi Jinping urged the Chinese to be ready for war and to "not fear death."

Is Welfare Better Than a Job? In 15 States, It Is.

Welfare is better than working in many places, creating ridiculous dependencies.

Venezuela’s New Cryptocurrency Will be Held to an “Oil Standard”

Maduro has moved to back the Petro with its massive oil reserves.

Putin Responds to USA-Ukraine Arms Deal

Putin claims it is in the right to respond to U.S. "threats."

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