Hong Kong Won’t Go Quietly

Dylan Palmer | @dylanpalmer22

After thirteen straight weeks of protests and civil unrest, the situation in Hong Kong has finally turned violent. On Aug. 31st, Hong Kong Police allegedly shot twice into the air to halt the advance of demonstrators deemed to be “serious threats to their lives.” On the same night, protestors used Molotov Cocktails to burn police barricades, lending credibility to the concern of the officers. As tensions continue to increase and China refuse to budge on their crackdown of Hong Kong, a question lingers:

Who’ll blink first?      

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What is it About Marianne Williamson?

marianne williamson
Dylan Palmer | @dylanpalmer22

On the July 30th Democratic debate stage, Marianne Williamson caused a lot of commotion. She talked about dark psychic forces, Flint, Michigan, and reparations for African-Americans. She ended up the most searched candidate of the night on Google. There’s no doubt that she stole the limelight in her half of the July debates. She certainly has a unique quality to her, but few in the political world seem to have puzzled out why. Let’s put the pieces together.

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Turning Point USA Is a Threat to the Left – and the Right

TPUSA Turning Point USA
Dylan Palmer | @dylanpalmer22

There’s no question about it. Turning Point USA, the brainchild of Charlie Kirk, is one of the most successful youth-centered political advocacy movements of the decade. This conservative non-profit has hundreds of chapters based in both public and private high schools and universities across the country. The organization is serving, presumably tens, if not hundreds of thousands of young conservatives. This would seem a boon to all right-wingers, as the youth vote is a demographic conservatives have historically struggled with. Getting young people to engage with conservative ideas is doubtless a good idea for conservatives, but Turning Point is going about it the wrong way.

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Is College a Gilded Cage?

Dylan Palmer | @dylanpalmer22

We’ve heard it all before. The mountainous debt, constant partying, and falling academic quality offered by many universities across the nation have begun to call the value of an undergraduate degree into question. Yet, more and more students head into college. Why are we, the nation’s youth, so prepared to cast ourselves into tens of thousands of dollars in debt for an increasingly devalued, but increasingly expensive, piece of paper? The answer is one part psychological and one part cultural – but all parts social.

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