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Payton Huckleberry is a 16 year old libertarian who currently resides near Louisville, Kentucky. Payton has considered himself many things during his interest in politics, originally considering him self a Rand Paul-Ian constitutional conservative, he made the full transition to libertarianism during the 2016 election cycle. Payton has achieved national recognition in his role as a young journalist, being awarded 2nd in the state of Kentucky’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter for journalism. Payton considers himself to be a Christian but does not let it affect his political beliefs. He is personally very conservative, being anti-drug, pro-life, etc. Politically, however, he holds rather liberal beliefs, believing that anyone should be aloud to do anything as long as it does not impede on anyone else’s rights. He and his girlfriend both have a plethora of mental illnesses they struggle with everyday. Despite this, they both live their lives to the fullest extent, helping others in anyway they can. Payton was one of the three original founders of 71 Republic, and after a hiatus, is back on the team contributing mostly as a writer.

Unmarked Police Vehicles are Just Another Step into the American Police State

Police vehicles with no clarification of allegiance pose a threat to American liberties.

The Monroe Doctrine and Our Foreign Policy

How the Monroe Doctrine has effected many parts of American history.

The American Dream Through the Years

A 20th century breakdown of what the American dream has been and will be.

To Stand, or Not to Stand?

Is the flag code enforceable by law?