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Trump is Right: NATO is Cheating Us

Essentially, we are sending billions of dollars protecting a country from an invasion that likely won't happen.

What Can We Expect From Brett Kavanaugh?

Brett Kavanaugh will bring a new face to the Supreme Court, for the better or the worse. If confirmed, he will likely change its direction in a number of key ways.

3 More Of The Worst Supreme Court Rulings

The list of terrible SCOTUS cases doesn't end at 6.

America’s Six Worst Supreme Court Rulings in History

Though the Supreme Court generally abides by the Constitution, these cases show faults in their work.

Heavy Elitism Created Trump and a Movement of Populism

Right populism is on the rise, and it is largely because of elitism in the media.

Fathers Matter, Yet Our State and Culture Want to Take Them Away

With all the welfare offered for single mothers, the state is encouraging men to leave and encouraging mothers to be single.

Keynesian Economics: A Misleading Policy

Keynesian economics, though often touted as successful, has a number of key pitfalls

The Founding Fathers Would Be Furious At What America Has Become

By Jack Parkos | United States Many people have asked the question-"What would the Founding Fathers think of this policy or that law?"  Many also ask the question of what they would think of modern America in general. They would be furious. The Founders, while all having their own diverse ideologies and values, believed in ...

A True Libertarian Opposes Abortion

Abortion is antithetical to the idea of liberty

America Is Becoming Rome, And Rome Fell

We should learn from Rome's mistakes and use it to better the future.