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Interview with Wisconsin LP Chair Phil Anderson

71 Republic spoke with Phil Anderson, Wisconsin Libertarian Party Chair and candidate for Governor about his policies as Governor and current US Politics.

Water from faucet

City of Austin Facing Contaminated Water Crisis

Due to flooding of water supplies, the city is under a water crisis, in which all consumed water must be first boiled to ensure its safety.

The Difference Between Austrian and Chicago Economics

Libertarians usually adhere to the Austrian or Chicago School for economics. The two schools, while favoring a free market, have some major differences.

Right-wing unity at the march for life

The Case for Right-wing Unity

The ideologies of the right must unite to fight against the liberty-threatening left in order to ultimately benefit libertarians.

Founders sign Declaration of Independence

America Did Not Listen to the Founders

By ignoring the wise words of our country's founders, politicians have enabled a downwards spiral away from the ideals of liberty and prosperity.

Salem Witch Trials depiction

Sexual Assault Claims Are Turning into Witch Trials

By robbing both Kavanaugh and Christine Ford of the principle of innocent until proven guilty, the Senate is making claims into witch trials.

Football players kneeling for the national anthem

Nike and Kaepernick are Unimportant. Focus on Real Issues.

The controversy behind Nike and Colin Kaepernick is only a divide and conquer tactic that allows the public to ignore more significant issues at hand.

Free food in a bad economy

A Bad Economy is the First Step Towards Tyranny

From the dustbin of history, tyranny always lurks.

Government Could Be Funded Without Taxation

The State can collect revenue through means other than taxing income and property, and still raise the revenue needed to fund a minarchist state.

Deism and Politics: How Deism Helped Libertarianism

Since its dawn in the Enlightenment Era, deism has been closely tied to classical liberalism, helping the movement spread liberty.