Google’s “Fact Checker” Under Fire For Discriminating Against Right Leaning News Companies

Google seems to be favoring left-wing news organizations.

The Ethereum of Korea: How Icon Plans To Connect A Country

Disjointed organizations are going to begin to attempt to link.

Chasing Down the Money: The Pentagon is Auditing the Department of Defense

Billions of dollars are being funneled to the wrong places, and the government is finally catching up.

Berkeley Braces for a Battle that Will Hopefully Never Come

Thanks to free speech, Berkeley has braced for war. Thursday, Ben Shapiro descended on UC-Berkeley to give a speech covering a multitude of topics. While speaking, he addressed matters ranging from personal responsibility to identity politics. He also took the time to denounce the Alt-Right and have an open Q&A session. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? ...

Editorial: Antifa Is Political Extremism and Needs To Be Treated As Such

Joe Lehmann gives his take on the overwhelming political violence sweeping America today.

Charlottesville: The Way Freedom Dies

The events in the Virginian town send a chilling message towards the ideals of freedom

We The People, Our Bill Of Rights, and Why We Should Care: Part 7

The seventh amendment is still important in our day.

We The People, Our Bill of Right, and Why We Should Care: Part 6

The sixth amendment is still important today.

We the People, Our Bill of Rights, and Why We Should Care: Part 5

The fifth amendment still matters - here's why.

We The People, Our Bill of Rights, and Why we Should Care: Part 4

Why the fourth amendment still matters today, especially with the oppressive surveillance state.

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