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My name is Sam. I am Seventeen and live in Southern California. I would consider myself a blend of minarchist and classical liberal. I take interest in History, Politics, Science, and Aviation. My dream job is to fly the F/A-18E for the United States Navy.

The Capitalistic Beauty of Air Travel

Our seemingly expensive airline tickets seem much cheaper when the bigger picture is looked at.

Fixing Feminism Part 3: Name Calling

If feminism ever wants to reach its goals, the name calling must end.

Immigration: A Fair Solution

The United States has struggled with immigration policy for decades, but the answer might be clear as day.

Fixing Feminism Part 2: The Media

The sequel to the first article taking a stand against the modern feminist movement.

The Heartbreaking Story of Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard a seven month-year-old British toddler has recently made headlines in his fight against mitochondrial depletion syndrome, a rare and incurable mitochondrial disease

Why America is and Always Has Been Great

Today, July Fourth, 2017, marks the 241st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

Fixing Feminism Part 1: The Lies

With Progressivism in a commonplace within American politics, it is difficult for one to ignore the Women's equality movement known as Feminism

The Case for the Legalization of Marijuana

In school, a child will find themselves presented with lectures, booklets, and propaganda claiming that marijuana could ruin their lives

The Future Libertarian President of Brazil? Meet João Doria

To boost the number of people seeking medical care in private hospitals, Doria de-funded the mismanaged and inefficient public hospitals and instead funneled the money into private hospitals