Author: Sanders Jett-Folk

Iran Flood Kills At Least 70, Leaves Thousands Stranded

Sanders Jett-Folk | @sjettfolk

Heavy rains across much of Iran have caused widespread flooding, which has killed at least 70 people. Thousands of others have had to evacuate from their homes.

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The Unlikely 2020 Campaign Of Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Sanders Jett-Folk | United States

Pete Buttigieg has been making waves in the contentious 2020 Democratic primary. The openly gay, millennial, war veteran Mayor of South Bend, Indiana has attracted attention for his progressive political stances and intellectual prowess.

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Libertarian And Green Parties Lose Ballot Access In Maryland

Sanders Jett-Folk | @Sjettfolk

In a blow to third parties’ ballot access, the Libertarian and Green Parties of Maryland were both de-recognized by the Maryland Board of Elections. Both parties failed to reach the party recognition threshold in the 2018 general election.

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Waco ISD Superintendent Charged with Marijuana Possession

Sanders Jett-Folk | @sjettfolk

The Superintendent of the Waco Independent School District (WISD) in Waco, Texas was arrested Wednesday night on a misdemeanor marijuana charge. Marcus Nelson, the district’s Superintendent, was driving north on U.S. 190 Wednesday evening when he got pulled over by a trooper from the Department of Public Safety. The trooper was working a routine patrol when he observed that Nelson’s 2007 GMC Yukon was in the left lane and not passing.

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Music and Radio Censorship Continuously Fails

Sanders Jett-Folk | United States

Despite the continuous efforts of enraged parents, pro-censorship politicians and record companies who will do anything in order to make money, efforts to censor music in the United States have repeatedly failed. Freedom-loving musicians and music fans alike have stood firm in their belief that musical expression should not be inhibited by the government.

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