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Andrew Yang Is On Fire

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

Who saw this coming? Andrew Yang is the dark horse candidate for 2020 and the internet loves him. Hell, as a right of center libertarian – I love him. Though the mainstream media is doing their best to keep him in the dark, Yang is gaining clout and credibility every day.

His laid back demeanor and outsider brand of politics have made him a captivating story that simply cannot be ignored. Namely, his call for a Universal Basic Income and his tech forward platform proves that Yang has a new vision for America that seems both plausible and exciting.

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Ilhan Omar Is Right To Criticize American Ties To Israel

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

Although Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has only been in Washington for a couple of months, her words regarding Isreal are already causing a backlash. In both the Republican and Democrat parties, Omar has frustrated lawmakers and pundits alike with her sharp critique of Israel. Omar has repeatedly questioned the close financial ties between America and the Middle Eastern nation.

Today on Capitol Hill, the House overwhelmingly approved a resolution aimed at Omar to condemn “anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and other forms of bigotry.” The vote on the resolution was 407-23. In particular, all 23 of the nay votes were Republicans. Though Omar has been labeled an anti-semite and faced harsh critique in the media, is it deserved?

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Living Rent Free In Conservative Minds

By Spencer Kellogg | @spencer_kellogg


Errr.. wait. That was actually just EVERY right-wing speaker at this year’s CPAC. Sebastian Gorka, Charlie Kirk, Vice President Mike Pence and Larry Kudlow all sang the same hollow song to unbroken applause in front of adoring fans in the immaculate Gaylord ballroom. Red scare 101. Divide and conquer.

Utilizing the same sort of firemouth rhetoric that blanketed America during the McCarthy years, each speaker took the same boring potshots at socialism and its new American queen. How original.

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Is This The End of Alex Jones?

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

Somewhere in Austin, there is Alex Jones. The guttural, raving anti-globalist madman is sneering into a piping hot microphone and he is mad. Of course.

Jones is sweating and red-faced. His unseemly beard is desperately trying to mask the ineffectiveness of the newest unregulated testosterone pill he is hawking between calculated breathes and well-coordinated advertisements.

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True Detective 3 Was The Best One Yet

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

It’s almost as if True Detective 2 never happened.

Back From The Dead

What a season and what a comeback for True Detective.┬áThe belabored moans and groans of a drunken Colin Farrell that had dotted and plagued the second season are gone. In their place has returned the quiet and subtle terror that painted the familiar canvas of the original True Detective 1. What’s more, the newest True Detective builds on an unmistakable emotional element not so easily spotted in previous seasons. Continue reading “True Detective 3 Was The Best One Yet”