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I am an alien

Cannabis Cola: Coke Interested in CBD-infused Product

Soft drink maker eyes the marijuana market

Elon Musk, Thank You For Smoking A Blunt

Tesla CEO normalizes recreational marijuana use on Rogan podcast

Swooshed: Nike Loses 3 Billion In One Day On Kaepernick Deal

Former 49ers quarterback stars in controversial ad campaign.

The Tragic Final Chapter of Anthony Bourdain

'Parts Unknown' chef's last days were chaotic

Hacking Agriculture: CRISPR Could Change Food Forever

New CRISPR technologies lead to plant innovation towards a possible future without food scarcity.

Sleeping couple representative of rising STD rates.

STD Rates Hit Record High In United States

CDC says STD rates are 'skyrocketing' across the country

New Mexico LP to Sue State Over Straight Party Voting

Libertarians and Republicans alike are contesting a measure to allow citizens of New Mexico to vote for one single party with one box.

Psychedelic Mushroom Trials Approved By FDA

A Psychedelic Renaissance In Mushroom Medicine Has Begun

Chairman Of The Damned: Matt Kuehnel Talks Libertarian Socialism

A discussion with one of the most controversial members of the Libertarian Party

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen Should Run For Chair of The Libertarian Party

The Missourian Could Take The Party In A Bold Direction