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The Florida Midterm Election Mess: A Recap

A recap of the election drama unfolding in Florida right now.

Kavanaugh Confirmed to Supreme Court

After a long delay, Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court by the Senate.

Rally to support Trump

Yes, Libertarians Can Support Trump

Though Trump often goes against many libertarian beliefs, his opposition to the establishment is an admirable trait that libertarians should get behind.

John McCain: A Man of Honor or Disgrace?

We should not let the death of John McCain prevent us from honestly scrutinizing his past politics and claims to status as a war hero.

Five Great Freedom Books

These five books provide a very accurate and in-depth summary and analysis of various parts of the freedom movement.

What the Left and Right Ought to Learn From the Immigration Debacle

The issue is far from over, but there is a more fundamental lesson that must be learned from this fiasco.