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Vaughn Hoisington is a political correspondent for 71 Republic. He is a proud proponent of the libertarian ideals of free-thinking and individualism. Vaughn is also a staunch believer in limitation of governments, in order to promote true freedom and personal liberties of the individual. Along with politics, Vaughn takes part in cross-country running, writing music, and watching football.

Polish Central Bank Funds Defamatory Youtube Videos about Bitcoin

$27,000 was spent on funding for anti-cryptocurrency content.

UK Moves to Freeze the Assets of Suspected Criminals

On January 31, the United Kingdom introduced Unexplained Wealth Orders.

The Number of U.S. Airstrikes Skyrocket, Along with Civilian Casualties

Donald Trump has become the new “Drone King.”

Putin Knows Who Attempted to Destroy Russian Foreign Relations With Attacks on Russian Military Facilities

Putin expressed that the terrorists intended to damage Russia’s relations with Turkey and Iran

Safe Zone for Women at Berlin’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Fails to Protect Them from Sexual Assault

By Vaughn Hoisington | GERMANY In fear of an abundance of assaults on women at Berlin’s New Year’s Eve Celebration, it was decided for there to be a safe zone with members of the Red Cross to prevent the sexual assault of women. Along with safe zones, large bags and alcoholic drinks were prohibited at ...

Japan is Strengthening its Defense Arsenal Amid North Korean Weapon Tests

As DPRK tests weapons, the Japanese Defense Ministry takes precautions.

Germany Is Paying Rejected Asylum Seekers to Leave

The Germans have begun to try out a new way of dealing with refugees.

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