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Vaughn Hoisington is a political correspondent for 71 Republic. He is a proud proponent of the libertarian ideals of free-thinking and individualism. Vaughn is also a staunch believer in limitation of governments, in order to promote true freedom and personal liberties of the individual. Along with politics, Vaughn takes part in cross-country running, writing music, and watching football.

Zimbabwean President Mugabe Misses Deadline to Resign; Faces Impeachment

Zimbabwean president has missed his resignation deadline.

The Correct Way to Legalize Drugs

There is a right way to go about fixing the war on drugs. This is it.

Saudi Arabia’s Purge of Corruption

Saudi Arabia is going after both princes and ministers, leaving no room for corruption.

Sweden’s Bombing Epidemic

The many recent bombings in the Kingdom of Sweden

Executive Order Starts the Process of Repealing Obamacare

Donald Trump is making changes to healthcare.

Myanmar’s Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar has been murdering the Rohingya Muslims that live within its borders

Voluntary Government: A Possible Solution for Government Corruption

Should the ideas of a voluntary governmental system be explored?