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Will We Stand Up to the Ban on Bump Stocks?

Trump trying to gain favor on the left without much outrage from his base on the right to build himself up for re-election.

Man and the Right to Govern Himself

Humans have morals and a conscious. If the law suddenly ceased to exist, how would we decide to govern ourselves?

Alt Right Intolerance

The Libertarian Party will Rise from Ashes of Intolerance

The growing trend of extremism and intolerance today is unsustainable, and the Libertarian Party will rise from the ashes to provide a new way forward for all.

The Myth of the Big Southern Republican Party Switch

The sudden switch of the two parties and the southern voting bloc did not really occur. as the South constantly goes back and forth between parties.

The Right to Rebel

Modern society is plagued by tyranny and evil at the hands of the state. At what point should a people rebel against their government?

Abortion: Keeping the Status Quo

The government's job is not to govern us but to rather provide protection from violations against our life, liberty, and property and as such the government should regulate abortion to protect not only the lives of the unborn but the lives of mothers