Oklahoma Opioid Verdict: Millions for a Public Nuisance

oklahoma opioid nusiance

On August 26th, a district court judge in Oklahoma ruled Johnson and Johnson and its subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, should pay $572 million. Supposedly, Johnson and Johnson created the opioid epidemic in Oklahoma, and in turn, caused a nuisance.

This will not be a legal precedent-setting outcome as Andrew S. Pollis, a law professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Ohio states. He was asked about the lawsuit before the verdict. The case is based on the nuisance statue in Oklahoma and opioids make it a very unique case. Nuisance laws as discussed in a NY Times article usually look at something that interferes with the general public. This includes roads, waterways, and public areas. Generally, the Nuisance lawsuits have involved lead paint, guns, pollution of air or water and noise.

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Federal Court Says Minnesota Can’t Restrict Christian Videos

minnesota christian videos
Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

On August 23, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated a lawsuit from a Minnesota Christian couple who create different topic videos and wanted to begin making wedding videos. Carl and Angel Larsen sued Rebecca Lucero, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minnesota in an attempt to prevent lawsuits against themselves for not filming same-sex weddings.

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Planned Parenthood Bets on 2020 Democrat Victory

planned parenthood democrats 2020
Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

Planned Parenthood decided against accepting the 60 million-plus dollars it gets from Title X Funding. Why?

The reproductive healthcare company has bet on the Democrats winning the presidential race in 2020. Planned Parenthood withdrew its participation in Title X funding after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed injunctions by federal judges against the Trump Title X administrative Rule.

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California Armed Homeless Citizen Prevents Robbery

An armed citizen in California stopped a robbery in a donut shop
Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

The recent mass murders in Texas and Ohio raise the questions: How can we reduce the death toll of tragedies like these? How can we stop tragedies like these? One possibility is the use of security guards. Another is the increase in police presence. However, another more subtle and possibly efficient solution is allowing people to defend themselves, allowing citizens to be armed. One case in California where an armed homeless man intervened in a robbery shows us what armed citizens can do.

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AMA Gun Violence Prevention Pushes a False Narrative

AMA gun violence
Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

Every time a mass murder happens in the United States, the American Medical Association (AMA) raises the accustomed political narrative. They push the usual anti-second amendment, anti-gun rights commentary as a means to prevent gun violence. But for physicians, taking care of assailants as patients, therefore preventing harm to victims, is always the best offense.  The AMA takes every opportunity to politicize their so-called representation of physicians and patients. The AMA misses the chance for dialogue and true gun violence prevention of any kind – small or large.

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