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K. Tymon Zhou is a political science student at Brigham Young University. He enjoys reading and piano in his spare time.

Sam Harris and Scientific Morality Show the Height of Hubris

Sam Harris brings up the very important issues of religious extremism, but his full-of-air answers on morality show a great degree of hubris.

Twitter’s Terrible Mob Mentality

Substantial reform is needed to control Twitter's mob mentality. Through such efforts, Twitter can regain its rationality and become the open forum it needs to be.

The Perils and Promise of Alien First Contact

First contact with aliens, as projected by a number of different scientists, could either prove to be massively beneficial or cripplingly detrimental.

Debunking Dyson

Is history really a viable justification for the use of identity politics?

Obama, Freedom and Identity Politics

By K. Tymon Zhou | South Africa As identity politics grow more popular to the american left, an unlikely individual may be able to help our racial divisions. How can societies reconcile multicultural harmony with unity? At times, it seems impossible to achieve both of these noble aims.  The progressive left seeks to prioritize "inclusion" ...

Philosophy is Not Dead.

Despite what many may think, philosophy still has great value in today's society.

Should Colleges Remove Thomas Jefferson from Curricula?

Though Thomas Jefferson had many flaws and showed considerable hypocrisy about slavery, this does not take away from his historical importance.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should be Eating at The Little Red Hen

Though The Little Red Hen had a right to refuse to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it showed a lack of moral judgement.

The Toxic Cocktail of Identity Politics

From this logic, we begin to see the dark path that leads to leftist Antisemitism.

The Bane of Hyper-Individualism

Religion and marriage are pillars of a community. Sadly, they are becoming increasingly marginalized.