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Andrew Zirkle has been a reporter for 71Republic since June 2017. He is also a high school political advocate and an economics enthusiast from Mount Airy, Maryland. Andrew enjoys the works and ideas of Friedrich Hayek and Murray Rothbard. Andrew has been a member of the ELCA since March 2015, has been a registered Libertarian since April 2017, and founded and has run the political advocacy group, American Government Simulation, since January 2016. Andrew is also an avid coin collector and European soccer fan. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at

Australians may be Disqualified From Their own Parliament Due to New Zealand Policy

Australian politics takes an ironic turn with the possibility of a strange law being taken literally.

Delaney 2020: How One Representative is Challenging Trump Early

The next presidential election is on barely anyone's mind, but that is not the case for John Delaney

iPhone manufacturing to be considered in America by FoxConn

Could iPhone's soon be made in the United States?

China and Russia: A Worrying Relationship

Although China and Russia have historically been geopolitical rivals, it appears as though the countries are reaching out to each other economically.

The Congressional Baseball Game: America’s Pastime with a Twist

By Andrew Zirkle | WASHINGTON As peculiar as it may seem, one of the most deep-rooted traditions in the US Congress is the Congressional baseball game, contested annually by teams made up from each of the two major parties. The first game was organized in 1909 by former pitcher and Representative John Tener. The game ...

UK Elections: Tories Begin Faltering in Polls

With the “snap election” called by Teresa May a mere two days away, recent polling has shown that the Conservative party may be closer to losing their majority than previously thought