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Andrew Zirkle has been a reporter for 71Republic since June 2017. He is also a high school political advocate and an economics enthusiast from Mount Airy, Maryland. Andrew enjoys the works and ideas of Friedrich Hayek and Murray Rothbard. Andrew has been a member of the ELCA since March 2015, has been a registered Libertarian since April 2017, and founded and has run the political advocacy group, American Government Simulation, since January 2016. Andrew is also an avid coin collector and European soccer fan. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at [email protected]

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Wins Big in New York

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has pulled off an impressive victory in New York against her opponents in the Republican and Working Families parties.

Troy Balderson Narrowly Retains GOP Seat in Ohio Special Election Race

71 Republic can call the Ohio 12th congressional district race for Troy Balderson.

These Five Senate Races Will Make or Break the Blue Wave

As we get closer to November 6th, key races that will be necessary victories if the Democrats are to win back the Senate majority are beginning to emerge.

Gary Johnson Will “Very Likely” Enter New Mexico Senate Race

The Former Presidential Candidate Looks Set To Join New Mexico Race

College Board Under Fire for SAT Scoring Procedure

College Board is under fire again, this time for their highly controversial scoring of the June 2018 SAT, where many students received harsh, low scores.

71R Exclusive: Maryland School Attempts to Repress Student Walkout

Unlike their peers across the state and nation, students in the seven high schools countywide would not be able to leave their respective school buildings to bring awareness to the issues of gun control and safety in schools.


Amtrak On Track For 37 Accidents In 2018

Over the last 60 days, Amtrak has averaged 1 accident every 10 days. If accidents continue at this rate, Amtrak trains will have be involved in over 30 accidents by the end of 2018.


Alabama Seeks to Abolish Marriage Licenses

Alabama's state government is close to reaching a groundbreaking decision on marital status. The measure, if passed, would eliminate the need for marriage licences to legally finalize a marriage. The bill would eliminate the need for probate judges to approve or "certify" a marriage licence and instead would allow all couples in Alabama to achieve ...

Alabama Senate Election: LIVE Coverage

In a race full of scandals, mudslinging, and party politics, the Alabama Senate Election, regardless of its victor, will be one for the ages.

Senate Bill Threatens Future of Cryptocurrency

This Senate bill may change how Cryptocurrency is bought and sold.