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The Texas State University Star Begins to Target White Students

A Texas State University newspaper published a racist piece, telling people they shouldn't exist because of their DNA.

The Texas Town That Privatized the Police

The neighborhood of Sharpstown in Texas has successfully implemented a private police force.

The Left Continues to Assault Gun Rights, Even After Man Stops Rapist With a Gun

A man from Austin, Texas saved a woman from her sexual assailant by the means of firearms, yet the left will still demonize weapons of self defense.

The Status of Marijuana in Texas

The extremely conservative state of Texas has recently taken surprising steps towards accepting cannabis, through decriminalization and medical efforts.

First Libertarian Elected In Mississippi

By James Lakin | Mclain, MS Earlier today, Mayor Steve McCluskey of the small town of Mclain, MS became the first Libertarian elected in Mississippi history. This is not only an incredible stride for the Libertarian Party, but a necessity for the struggling small town which Mayor McCluskey was elected to govern. Below, entails the ...

Abbot Signs Texting-Driving Ban

On Tuesday, June 6th, Governor Gregg Abbot signed a bill into law that makes texting and driving illegal.

Why the Second Amendment Protects Gun Rights

A total of 73% percent of Americans believe that the second amendment ensures every American the right to own firearms

Drug War Slaughters More, I Abhor

In June of 1971, former President Richard Nixon declared “drug abuse” to be public enemy number one