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Here’s Why Martin Schulz’s ‘United States of Europe’ is a Horrible Idea

The European Union could move from a union of countries to a country within the next 10 years if this Eurocrat gets his way.

The US Military Has Just Invested In ‘Doomsday Genetics’ Technology

Emails released under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that DARPA just invested in technology that can create a gene that can take out an entire species and spread through an entire population.

The Fallacies Of Collectivists

An exploration into where the collectivists have and are still going, wrong.

5 Nationalist Movements to Watch

Nationalist movements are on the rise.

Civil Discourse Is Dead. Let’s Revive It.

I fail to notice the consequences of perception. When I assert my political opinion I let it become me. This is inherently a mistake.

From the Editor: The American High School System Is Seriously Screwed Up

Senior Editor Roman King returns to From the Editor with a commentary on the average American high school.

The Problem with Cook County Taxes

The controversial soda tax has raised more than a few problems

From the Editor: Stagnation and Apathy Are Extremely Destructive — Here’s Why

In this edition of From the Editor, Roman King warns the general population not to accept a mediocre life.

The Cook County Soda Tax is a Failure in Every Way

Cook County's soda tax should disgust lovers of liberty everywhere.

Illinois’ New Bittersweet Budget

How Republicans and Democrats came together to screw Illinois.