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The Sick Racism of The New York Times

Racism is an issue in America, and pitting yourself against the other side is not going to fix it.

TSA Administrator Asks for Extra Funding Amid New Major Security Concerns

Internal, Security, and Administrative issues are plaguing the TSA. Is the answer more funding?

Election Day 2017: The Races to Watch

A master list of major elections happening on Nov. 7, 2017

OPINION: Trump Needs to Stop, from a Trump Supporter

A Trump supporter's opinion regarding where Trump is succeeding and where he's lacking.

The Man in the Red Bandana: A True American Hero

Let us not forget the story of this man's brave actions on America's most fateful day.

Employment at Record High with High Demand for Jobs and Recruiters

With the unemployment rate at a more-than-a-decade low and job openings at a record high, workers in every sector are becoming valuable

U.S. Climate Alliance: Explained

By Alexander Lawless | USA Amidst a political climate riddled with President Trump’s controversial statements regarding his views on climate change in the past, the Trump Administration recently added fuel to the fire by officially directing the United States to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Signed by President Obama and many other world leaders in ...

Amazon To Buy Whole Foods For 13.7 Billion Dollars

Amazon announced today, its plans to purchase the high-end grocer, Whole Foods, for 13.7 billion dollars

GIF Turns 30 Years Old!

30 years ago today the .gif file format was created. Today the internet is flooded with a variety of GIFs

Chinese News App Valued at $11B, Startup Competes With Facebook

A new Chinese app founded by a former Microsoft employee is becoming quite popular