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Crypto Investors Expect Trades to Continue after India Ban

After India blocked banks from carrying out crypto trades, activity has only increased. 

Buffet Says Cryptocurrency is a Gamble, Not Investing

Buffet is an influential investor who has recently spoken out against cryptocurrency.

France Is Severely Cutting Taxes On Bitcoin

France is classifying Bitcoin as a capital gain and lowering its tax

Pornhub Will Accept Verge Cryptocurrency

The video platform will take XVG

Bitcoin Could Be Worth $25K By End Of Year

The digital currency could be in for a huge year.

Malta Is The Future Of Crypto

The blockchain island is taking massive leaps in the cryptocurrency sector.

16 Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Forming A Self-Regulating Group

The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association will focus on self-regulating and will have the authority to investigate and sanction members that fail to comply with the self-regulatory methods.

Japan Goes All In On Crypto

The island nation is preparing for the future of finance.

DATA Could Be The Future Of Decentralized Advertising

The cryptocurrency aims to disrupt the digital advertising landscape

Bitcoin Cash Prepares For 32 MB Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash will soon be facing a hard fork, per the actions of developers.