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Illinois Legislature Considers Bitcoin As Tax Payment Option

House Bill 5335 Would Make Cryptocurrency A Legal Tax Tender

The Co-Founder Of Uber Is Launching A Cryptocurrency Called Eco

Tech Pioneer and Uber Co-Founder Jumps Into Cryptocurrency Space

Deep Water Systems Is A Hidden Crypto Treasure

The New Frontier Of Deep-Water Exploration Brought To You By The Blockchain

Five Altcoins To Watch In 2018

Some Of My Favorite Alternative Cryptocurrencies For 2018

Spain Is Giving Crypto Tax Breaks, Promoting Blockchain Experts

In a dark cloud of haters, Spain is shining the light of Crypto throughout Europe.

Polish Central Bank Funds Defamatory Youtube Videos about Bitcoin

$27,000 was spent on funding for anti-cryptocurrency content.


The White House Is Nowhere Close To Regulating Bitcoin

The U.S. may not face the same crypto issues that Europe is facing.


“Liberty is For Everyone” – An Interview With Libertarian Party Vice Chair Candidate Joe Paschal

71 Discusses Libertarianism With Vice Chair Candidate Joe Paschal


Crypto All-Stars: Twitter Memes Itself Onto The Blockchain

Crypto All-Stars Shows That Blockchain Memes Aren't Dead Yet!


Winklevoss Twins: 2018 Looks To Be Another Year Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has the potential to grow 40 times its current value. That would be around $340,000.

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