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Another Bank Goes After Bitcoin

Markus Mueller of Deutsche bank attacked cryptocurrency.


Theresa May Isn’t A Fan Of Cryptocurrency

By Nick Hamilton | USA Cryptocurrency is increasingly looking like the next big investment trend, with skyrocketing numbers. However, British Prime Minister Theresa May and the British Government aren’t huge fans of it. The Prime Minister spoke at Davos, an economic forum in Switzerland that United States President Donald Trump also attended. She voiced concerns ...


50 Cent Accidentally Made $7.5M, Thanks to Bitcoin

50 Cent got 700 BTC when it was worth $662.


McAfee Out At MGT Capital

Tech Pioneer Let Go In Shakeup


Ron Paul Endorses Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

By Jason Patterson | USA Bitcoin has recently expanded in several ways. No longer than a year ago it was just a libertarian fantasy of an alternative to government-controlled currency. Now it has a ton of media attention and some Congressmen even are now saying Cryptocurrency should now be Illegal. Ron Paul, a liberty-minded Republican ...

The Most Dangerous Man In America: Cody Wilson & 3-D Printing

Cody Wilson's 3-D Printed Guns Are A Constitutional Battle