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Did The Founding Fathers Write The Declaration Of Independence on Hemp?

Were our founding documents published on Cannabis synthesized paper?

What Is CBD & How Does It Differ From THC?

The cannabis derivative could help many.

The Fight To Legalize Cannabis Nationwide Continues

On 4/20, let's recognize fantastic efforts to legalize marijuana nationwide.

Can we Survive a World Without Bees? Part 1

Can mankind survive without bees?

Pornhub Will Accept Verge Cryptocurrency

The video platform will take XVG

Australia Considers Legalizing Marijuana

Aussie Greens hope to change cannabis law

Bitcoin Could Be Worth $25K By End Of Year

The digital currency could be in for a huge year.

Malta Is The Future Of Crypto

The blockchain island is taking massive leaps in the cryptocurrency sector.

16 Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Forming A Self-Regulating Group

The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association will focus on self-regulating and will have the authority to investigate and sanction members that fail to comply with the self-regulatory methods.

The First Anarcho-Capitalist

Lao Tzu is the first Rothbardian, thousands of years before Rothbard was born.

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