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The Libertarian Case for a Minimum Wage Hike

Increasing the minimum wage would relieve some of the burden on American taxpayers by ending the need for welfare via the government

It is the Best of Times, it is the Worst of Times

The world seems to be moving in two different directions at once. Is it any wonder we feel so lost?

The Free Market will Advance Space Exploration

Privatized space exploration, already begun by SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, will lead the development of new space technologies.

Envy is Evil, not the Desire for Wealth

The desire for individuals and companies to retain their profits is not inherently evil, while the lust for other's wealth is.

Dairy and egg

The Canadian Supply Management Issue

Via supply management of the dairy and egg industry, the Canadian government is harming both producers and consumers alike.

Marijuana War on Drugs

Legalizing All Drugs is Morally and Practically Beneficial

The War on Drugs tears apart families, enables the cartels to thrive, and doesn't actually reduce rates of drug consumption at all.

Elon Musk (And Tesla) Are Back

Musk proves skeptics wrong with historic earnings report.

Water from faucet

City of Austin Facing Contaminated Water Crisis

Due to flooding of water supplies, the city is under a water crisis, in which all consumed water must be first boiled to ensure its safety.

Supreme Court to Solve Free Speech v. Private Corporation Debate

By Mason Mohon | United States Brett Kavanaugh's turbulent entrance into the Supreme Court will first be met with a potentially groundbreaking free speech case. The case is that of Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702. As CNBC reports, this case centers around whether a private operator of a public access television network is ...

Detroit Auto Industry

How the Government Ruined the Detroit Auto Industry

Many factors contributed to the downfall of the Detroit auto industry. The government, however, took a leading role by intervening in the market.