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The Russian Opposition Protests, Explained

Drew Zirkle | @71RDrewZirkle

Riot police, tear gas, and arbitrary arrests. This scene sounds like its straight out of Hong Kong, where prolific protests erupted earlier this summer and have engulfed the city for months garnering worldwide attention. Although Hong Kong certainly is engaged in one of the most dangerous struggles for geopolitical sovereignty, they have overshadowed a band of freedom fighters that have endured a despotic regime in a land that has never tasted liberty.

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Kamala Harris Proposes Ideological Red Flag Criteria

Rafael Augusto B.L. de Oliveira | @ancient_scrolls

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris recently promised that if she ever becomes president, she will implement red flag laws. But what seems to set her apart from many others is the criteria she uses. The Californian believes that seizing guns from white nationalists or any person exhibiting “traits of being a danger to society” could reduce violence in America.

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Hong Kong Protests Are Going Worldwide

Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

Protests in Hong Kong are catching the eyes of nations around the world. What started as protests against a Chinese extradition bill has morphed into a Pro-Democracy movement. Leaders from several powerful countries voiced support for the protest. For example, The United States and the United Kingdom are showing their support. In turn, protesters against China are emboldened, as they have been seen flying both countries flags.

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Interview: Dr. Robert Murphy Talks Anarchy and Socialism

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Dr. Robert P. Murphy is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute and a professor of economics at Texas Tech University. 71 Republic’s Mason Mohon sat down with Dr. Murphy to discuss economics and anarcho-capitalism. You can find Dr. Murphy on Twitter @BobMurphyEcon.

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Bitcoin Under 10K, Where Is It Headed Next?

Spencer Kellogg | By Spencer Kellogg

After an early August surge that saw Bitcoin top $12,500 per coin, the cryptocurrency has fallen sharply over the past 24 hours, sinking below $10,000 on major cryptocurrency exchanges across the world.

And this time, there doesn’t appear to be any institutional money there to brace its fall.

As the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 3% during the Wednesday trading session, Bitcoin responded in a similar fashion wiping away tens of millions of dollars of its market cap. Between mounting trade wars that have begun to cool the global economy, civil rights flashpoints in Hong Kong, and continued riots in France, Bitcoin’s price has struggled to maintain it’s parabolic advance since early January.

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