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Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out President Trump After Florida Shooting

Jimmy Kimmel took a swipe at Republicans and President Trump after the deadly mass shooting Wednesday

The White House Is Nowhere Close To Regulating Bitcoin

The U.S. may not face the same crypto issues that Europe is facing.

Rand Paul Condemns Military Leaders for Corrupting Trump’s Non-Interventionist Inclinations

Trump’s non-interventionist policies thus far are currently being silenced by the generals inside of the administration.

Students Ban Valentine’s Day Because It’s Offensive

Campus Reform went undercover at Cornell University armed with a fictitious petition.

A Free Arkansas? – Interview with Candidate for Governor Mark West

Mark West, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arkansas, seeks to help both businesses and individuals.

Ancient “Megalopolis” Found In Guatemalan Rainforest

A New Finding In Guatemala Rewrites History

Libertarian Adam Kokesh Doesn’t Want To Be Your President

The Libertarian Party's Most Radical Candidate Speaks With 71 Republic

The Number of U.S. Airstrikes Skyrocket, Along with Civilian Casualties

Donald Trump has become the new “Drone King.”

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