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North and South American News

A New Dawn for Cuba?

The drafting of a new constitution could offer Cuba a fast track to modernization and a new found respect for individual liberties.

Babies Across the Globe are Being Born with Three Parents

Scientists are helping to create babies with the DNA of three parents.

Nationwide Insurance Is Getting Sued…Again

Nationwide Insurance is facing backlash from agents after making a change in their business model.

Trump is Right: NATO is Cheating Us

Essentially, we are sending billions of dollars protecting a country from an invasion that likely won't happen.

I Survived Socialist Venezuela

A story from a teenager living inside of socialist Venezuela.

The Epigenetics of America’s Immigration Policy

People will be paying for what’s unfolding on the border for generations

Reed College Students Want to Throw Out Historical Authors Because They’re White

Reedies Against Racism wants to do away with white authors.

Seattle Eliminates 2 Decades of Marijuana Convictions

The city of Seattle is voiding many past marijuana charges.

Can we Survive a World Without Bees? Part 2

Can Humanity Survive Without Bees?

Police Want to Question Former Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate

Jeff Wood is being searched for by local police for controversial social media comments he has made.