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The Winter War

A brief history of a forgotten war on the outskirts of the Arctic.

YouTube Servers Down

YouTube Down Across Servers Worldwide

With YouTube down across the world, users cannot be sure of the cause of the crash or when the social platform giant will return to function.

Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson Charged with Sexual Assault of Child

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson has been accused of paying a minor for sexual activity, but is not in the country to face the allegations.

Wait, Is Kucoin A Front?

Empty Hong Kong Offices & Low Security Scores Have Traders Worried

Man shooting rocket launcher

In Cambodia, Tourists Buy and Shoot Cows with Rocket Launchers

With a large enough sum of money, a tourist at a Cambodia shooting range can purchase a cow to shoot with a rocket launcher.

Pussy Riot Invades World Cup Pitch

Critics Of Putin Grab Headline On Final Night

Microfinance is Saving the World’s Working Poor

By allowing business owning men and women in third world countries to get a foot in the door, microfinance is helping to reduce global poverty.

India Seeks to Power the World with Lunar Helium-3

India, as part of its space race, is sending a rocket to the moon to investigate future Helium-3 mining.

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Says NSA Created Bitcoin

Russian Crypto Guru Levels Geopolitical Claim

An Unprecedented Peace Summit With High Ratings. Now What?

Not much, if the first 18 months of the Trump administration are any indication.