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What Canada Can Teach America About Peace, Order & Good Government

Canada isn’t a utopia but it does have something to teach the United States about the value of community and the proper role of government

Upgrade: Movie Review

'Upgrade' is a sci-fi/action movie that understands itself and what it's going for.

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Says NSA Created Bitcoin

Russian Crypto Guru Levels Geopolitical Claim

Trump Withdraws From G7 Statement, Accuses Canada of ‘Dishonesty’

The U.S. president shattered a shaky consensus.

Trade War With U.S. ‘Days Away’, G7 Ministers Meet

Eli Ridder | CANADA The French economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, warned that a trade war with the United States could launch in the coming days as finance ministers met in Canada’s Whistler ahead of a Group of Seven meeting in Quebec next week. The U.S. imposed 25 per cent steel and 10 per cent ...

The Endless War – Iraq 15 Years Later

The American legacy in Iraq and the Middle East is one of blood, oil & endless tyranny.

Common Misconceptions About The Universal Basic Income

As Automation Looms, UBI Rears Its Head

Trudeau’s Joke Of A Trip To India

The Canadian PM visited India with goals in mind. The only one accomplished was embarrassing Canada