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The Case for Libertarian Monarchism, Part One

Contrary to popular opinion, monarchism, rather than a form of democracy, is the best way to protect liberty.

The Great American Brain Drain of Scientists

Trends like this are hard to get started, but they’re even harder to reverse

The EU is Flawed, but Not How I Previously Believed

The EU is full of flaws, though it does often face unfair straw-man arguments against it

Trade War With U.S. ‘Days Away’, G7 Ministers Meet

Eli Ridder | CANADA The French economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, warned that a trade war with the United States could launch in the coming days as finance ministers met in Canada’s Whistler ahead of a Group of Seven meeting in Quebec next week. The U.S. imposed 25 per cent steel and 10 per cent ...

Italy’s Populist Government Materializes

Italy has reached a coalition government deal, leading the European Union to face an uncertain future.

Switzerland’s Long Fight for Fiscal Policy Independence

Switzerland is trying to return to the gold standard.

A Look at Finland’s Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income is not the failure many make it out to be

What does California’s Success Say About the Free Market?

California's economic success is largely due to free market principles.

What The Alfie Evans Case Taught Us About the Second Amendment

The Alfie Evans case shows the importance of the Second Amendment

Where is the Outrage over Alfie Evans’ Mistreatment?

The tragic story of Alfie Evans and his death at the hands of the government is not getting the attention that it deserves.