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Trump Says U.S. Set to Leave Iran Deal

President Donald Trump is set to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

The Endless War – Iraq 15 Years Later

The American legacy in Iraq and the Middle East is one of blood, oil & endless tyranny.

Strikes in Syria: What We Know

Latest Updates to the U.S. Attack in Syria

Legacy of Lies: America’s Dirty Habit

It appears that Assad is not responsible for these gas attacks.

The Top 5 Reasons Not to Go to War with Syria

Several cases against going to war with Syria.

Facebook Goes After Palestinian Journalism For Hate Speech

A Palestinian media company was banned after condemning Facebook.

Stephen Hawking Has Died

The Acclaimed Thinker Has Passed At His Home

Northern League Party & Anti-Immigrant Leader Matteo Salvini Wins Italian Preliminaries

Hardliner Wins Vote Behind Anti-Immigrant & Anti-Euro Sentiment

Rand Paul Condemns Military Leaders for Corrupting Trump’s Non-Interventionist Inclinations

Trump’s non-interventionist policies thus far are currently being silenced by the generals inside of the administration.