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Saudi Arabia Preparing to Admit Journalist Died During Interrogation

Eli Ridder | SAUDI ARABIA (71 Republic) - Saudi Arabia is preparing a report admitting that Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi died during a Saudi interrogation at their consulate in Turkey, according to multiple reports on Monday. A source cited by CNN said that the report will likely find that the action was carried out ...

Soldiers in the War on Terror

Americans Must End the War on Terror

The War on Terror has been a waste of money, resources, and lives while also furthering government surveillance and the war economy.

red heifer apocalypse cow

The End of Days? Apocalypse Cow Born in Israel

The Jewish Temple Institute claims to have bred a red heifer "apocalypse cow", but their next actions may spell conflict with Muslims.

Bomb hits Beirut barracks

The Last Thoughts of Delavan, Killed by an American Bomb

A touching fictional narrative story about the demise of Delavan, a kind young man unfortunately thrown into a society with little possible escape

America Focuses On All The Wrong Problems

Humanity has progressed tremendously in recent times, yet we still have the audacity to complain about every little thing.

United States Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen

A United States backed coalition led by the Saudis has missed yet another target, killing at least 50, many of whom were children.

The Enigmatic Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Plays By His Own Rules

Saudi Arabia Moves Medical Patients Out of Canada

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday all national patients are being withdrawn from Canadian care.


Russia Proposes to Work With U.S. in Syria

The United States and Russia may work together in war-torn Syria.