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The Enigmatic Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Plays By His Own Rules

Saudi Arabia Moves Medical Patients Out of Canada

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday all national patients are being withdrawn from Canadian care.


Russia Proposes to Work With U.S. in Syria

The United States and Russia may work together in war-torn Syria.

Trump’s Iraq: Why the President Wants War with Iran

Trump's Twitter tirade is dolled up interventionism, as his words scontinue to spark further tensions between the United States and Iran.

Helsinki High: Trump and Putin Play Nice in Finland

President Calls Meeting "Constructive"

Cease The War In Afghanistan

Our mission has been done since December, 2001.

Abandoned Independence: The True Story of a Young Girl in Gaza

Dreaming of freedom in the Land of the Forgotten: The heartbreaking story of a Palestinian family's fight for their lives.

Trump Says U.S. Set to Leave Iran Deal

President Donald Trump is set to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

The Endless War – Iraq 15 Years Later

The American legacy in Iraq and the Middle East is one of blood, oil & endless tyranny.

Strikes in Syria: What We Know

Latest Updates to the U.S. Attack in Syria