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Sign This Petition to Get Larry Sharpe on Colbert

Larry Sharpe is trying to get on The Late Show.

The Endless War – Iraq 15 Years Later

The American legacy in Iraq and the Middle East is one of blood, oil & endless tyranny.

Did The Founding Fathers Write The Declaration Of Independence on Hemp?

Were our founding documents published on Cannabis synthesized paper?

The Legalization Movement Only Hurts Libertarians

Legalizing marijuana is not a true path to liberty.

What Is CBD & How Does It Differ From THC?

The cannabis derivative could help many.

Why Does Jeff Sessions Hate Herb?

The Attorney General has made keeping cannabis illegal a top priority.

Bob Marley’s Ganja Vibration

The Rastaman's legacy lives on.

An Honest Plan for the Future of Our Liberty

How can we spread the message of freedom?

The Surveillance State’s Iron Grip is Tightening

Americans are losing their privacy more than ever.

Can we Survive a World Without Bees? Part 1

Can mankind survive without bees?

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