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The Hysteria Over the Government Shutdown

The United States is facing a government shutdown, yet some Americans are not affected and are living their lives outside of this mass hysteria.

The NRA Doesn’t Fight For Your Gun Rights

The National Rifle Association, despite stating that they advocate for the Second Amendment, is never hesitant to support more gun control measures.

How to End the Loophole Surrounding Federalism

The United States Congress has, for too long, disregarded the basic principle of federalism and sees itself as a parent of the states, which it is not.

Snowball ban snowball fight

A Utah City Has a Snowball Ban, Calls Them “Missiles”

For as long as anyone can remember, one unfortunate Utah city has lived under a snowball ban that shows no signs of being lifted.


No LeBron, the NFL Is Not Slavery

LeBron James, one of the richest players in the world of sports, stated that the NFL has a "slave mentality." He could not be further from the truth.

Christmas Withdrawal From Syria Exposes Trump’s Allies

President Trump's sudden announcement that American troops will soon be leaving Syria has exposed who truly supports his agenda and those who do not.

Happy Holidays: The False War on Christmas in America

This year, as we enjoy our cookies, gifts, and gingerbread lattes, I would like to wish you a very happy holiday.

US Plans to Withdraw Troops from Syria

The US had made the decision to pull its troops from Syria, where they have been training rebel fighters.

The Senate Strikes Back

Winning elections is harder to do when you are being held accountable for screwing up a difficult and unpopular decision.

Trump’s Tariffs: A Tax on Us

The tariffs under President Trump will have a severely detrimental effect on the American economy in the coming months.