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Riot police French students

French Students Protest Education Change Through Violent Demonstrations

After the Macron administration unveiled plans to massively change the education system, French students took to the streets in protest.

Paris Yellow Vests Gilets Jaunes

Poll: 72% of the French Support “Les Gilets Jaunes”

After police opened fire against Les Gilets Jaunes, French tax protestors in Paris, the group now has a strong majority approval.

Yellow Vests Macron Paris snipers

BREAKING: French Government Opens Fire on Tax Protesters

In Paris, anti-Macron protestors called "Yellow Vests" are being shot at by the French police, resulting in at least 110 people injured.

Disney live-action adaptation

Disney Will Break the Bank and Drain Your Wallet in 2019

With movies from Marvel and the Star Wars series, as well as live-action adaptations of classic films, Disney will have a superb 2019.

The Winter War

A brief history of a forgotten war on the outskirts of the Arctic.

Ukraine Requests Assistance from NATO

After Russia seized several Ukrainian Naval vessels in the Sea of Azov, the country has asked NATO for military assistance.

These 37 Senate Members Voted To Continue The War In Yemen

As the American-backed war in Yemen continues, these 37 Senators voted against the discussion of an end.

Soldiers under Helicopter

Senate Votes to Move Forward in Debate of American Involvement in Yemen

The United States Senate has voted to move forward with a resolution that could possibly end American involvement in the Yemen Civil War.

It May be Impossible for Assange to Win in Court

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou indicated that the Eastern District of Virginia is a no-man's land for whistleblowers.

taxes with bitcoin

You Can Pay Taxes with Bitcoin in Ohio

A new law in Ohio will allow businesses to pay corporate taxes with Bitcoin, and soon will open the same option up to individuals.