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Amy McGrath to Challenge Mitch McConnell in 2020

Dane Larsen | @_danebailey

Democrats have a strategy to retake the Senate in 2020, along with the Presidency. With strong candidates across the board, a new leader emerged in July. Amy McGrath announced her bid to remove Mitch McConnell from his congressional seat in D.C. The “Ditch Mitch” phenomenon gained traction in Kentucky after the election of President Trump and the polarization of the two parties. As a result, a new challenger approaches, with Amy McGrath stepping in as a left-of-center Democrat to threaten the neoconservative sector of the GOP.

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Ex-SEAL Eddie Gallagher Acquitted of Charges

Nicolas Gonzalez | @nicogonz15

In 2017, Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher was charged with seven counts related to the stabbing of an ISIS soldier, and then posing with the soldier’s body in a picture. A San Diego jury found him not guilty of six of those charges. The remaining charge, which he was convicted of, landed him a sentence of a reduced rank. Gallagher was demoted from Chief to Petty Officer First Class and his monthly pay reduced $2,697 for four months. The judge then modified this sentence to only a two-month pay cut and gave Gallagher a total of 261 days’ credit for pretrial confinement, harsh pretrial conditions, and his deprivation from receiving treatment for a traumatic brain injury.

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For $80, You Can Fly to Area 51 on September 20th

Othman J. Mekhloufi | @othmanmekhloufi

Over two million people have pledged on a now-viral Facebook event to storm Area 51 — a United States Air Force Military installation — in order to “see them aliens”. Officially referred to as “Groom Lake” or “Homey Airport”, the installation situated in the middle of the Nevada desert is shrouded in mystery. Conspiracy theories of what is kept at the military base span from extraterrestrial beings to advanced technology such as time travel. Such wild beliefs are what make Area 51 so famous and caused the post to go viral. Many who have joined the event are considering flying to Area 51.

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John McAfee Discusses Detention, Revenge, PM Run

Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

John McAfee, 2020 Presidential Candidate and founder of antivirus company McAfee, was recently released from confinement in the Dominican Republic. Since then, he has been in the United Kingdom. McAfee spoke with 71 Republic Saturday about his detainment and release. He also discusses his plans for the future. A transcript and audio file of the interview are available below.

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Siri Just Leaked Your Sex Life to Apple Contractors

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

We’ve known for quite a while that Siri can record your every word. Always hunting for its cue, how else would it be able to detect that often-excited “Hey Siri”? It does use buffers that only activate the listening device if it thinks it hears the magic words. So despite some allegations, Siri is not sending every word you say to Apple, its employees, or the government. But once you turn on the trigger? Then, it’s a different story.

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