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Troy Balderson Narrowly Retains GOP Seat in Ohio Special Election Race

71 Republic can call the Ohio 12th congressional district race for Troy Balderson. The district has been a GOP stronghold for over 40 years, delivering one Republican representative after another to DC. Although in recent history, this district has been a shoe-in for the GOP, this special election seemed very different. Franklin County Recorder and prominent local Democrat Danny O’Connor made a formidable challenge from the start.

With a strong showing in the primaries and strong early polling, O’Connor put his name on the map and turned the race competitive. National forces of the DNC were pitted against President Trump in this race, as each side gave as much support as possible to their respective candidate. Now, as the dust settles, it appears as though Balderson has secured the narrowest of victories over O’Connor.

O’Connor outperformed previous Democratic candidates in Franklin County and Richland County, however, it was not enough to counter strong GOP showings in Deleware, Licking and Muskigum Counties. By the time all of the votes are counted up, Balderson will have around 50% of the vote and about a 1000 vote margin of victory over O’Connor, a race so close that a recount may be necessary to affirm the result. This race is an important bellwether race and definitely signals which way the momentum ahead of the midterms is trending.

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Prop A: Missourians Vote Against Proposition A

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

On Tuesday Missourians voted on whether or not they would uphold or repeal the contested Senate Bill 19 legislation that established a right-to-work law in the state.

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Josh Hawley Takes Missouri GOP Primary

By Kenneth Casey | Missouri

Based on reported results for the Missouri U.S. Senate Republican Primary, 71 Republic can safely announce that Josh Hawley has secured enough votes to become the Republican nominee to take on Claire McCaskill in November. As of 9:00 EST, he has 58.6% of the vote compared to Austin Petersen’s 7.7% and Tony Monetti’s 10%, with the rest of the field garnering 23.7% of the vote.

Hawley has long been the favorite to win the primary, as he has by far the most money raised among all the candidates and has the support of the Republican establishment. Austin Petersen and Tony Monetti, Hawley’s two main primary challengers, had to rely on grassroots support against the big-money-backed Hawley.

Hawley will be taking on Claire McCaskill in the general election, and it’ll most certainly be one of the most watched races this midterm in the battle between the Democrats and Republicans over control of the Senate. Most polls between the two have them neck-and-neck, so expect a lot of money to be put into this race from both sides in the coming months.

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LIVE COVERAGE: Michigan’s 11th House District

10:29 EST:  With 31% of precincts reporting, Stevens is leading the Democratic Primary with 27.7% of the vote. Gupta is barely holding second place with 21.9% of the vote. Greimel is catching up, now holding 21.8% of the vote. Epstein now has 29.6% in the Republican Primary, with Raczkowski holding 22.9%.

9:37 EST: 13% of precincts are reporting in, and Stevens is still leading the Democratic Primary, now with 28.4% of the vote. Gupta is in second with 21.4%, but Tim Greimel is right behind Gupta with 20.4%. For the Republicans, Epstein is still in the lead, now with 30.6% of the vote, while Raczkowski holds 24.1% of the vote.

9:21 EST: 11% of precincts are reporting. For the Democrats, Stevens has taken the lead with 27% of the vote, Gupta now placing second with 22%. For the Republicans, Epstein has 30.3%.

9:18 EST: With 7% of precincts reporting in the Republican Primary, Epstein now holds 30% of the vote, with Raczkowski falling into second with 23.7%.

9:12 EST: A few more votes have trickled in, but 4% of precincts are reporting still. Gupta is still leading the Democrats with 33% of the vote, while Epstein has the Republican lead with 36%. It is important to note that more Democrats have currently voted than Republicans.

8:54 EST: With 4% of precincts reporting in, Lena Epstein is leading the Republican Primary with 35.9% of the vote.  Raczkowski is in second with 25.5%. In the Democratic Primary, Gupta is in the lead with 34% of the vote, and Saad is in second with 24.9%.

8:36 EST: Results are coming in, with less than 1% of precincts reporting. Gupta is leading the Democratic Primary, while Epstein leads the Republican Primary.

8:21 EST:  Election results are expected to start coming in at 8:30 EST. Stay tuned for updates.

Tonight determines who moves on into a contested general election for Michigan’s 11th House District. The incumbent, Republican Dave Trott, will not be seeking re-election, meaning no candidate has the incumbency on their side.

There are five Democrats running in their primary: Tim Greimel, Suneel Gupta, Fayrouz Saad, Nancy Skinner, and Haley Stevens. Haley Stevens is endorsed by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Fayrouz Saad is endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the progressive, grassroots Democratic nominee for New York’s 14th District.

There are five Republicans running in their primary: Kerry Bentivolio, Lena Epstein, Klint Kesto, Mike Kowall, and Rocky Raczkowski. State Senator Mike Kowall has the most local endorsements in the race, while Lena Epstein has the most funds raised.

There is one Libertarian running: Leonard Schwartz.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton won the district by a margin of 4.4%.

LIVE COVERAGE: Missouri Republican Senate Primary Election

9:00 EST: 71 Republic has called the primary for Hawley.

8:56 EST: A lot of the vote just came in. With 6% of the vote in, Hawley still has a big lead with 59% of the vote with Monetti at 10% of the vote and Petersen at 7.3% of the vote.

8:42 EST: With 4,452 votes in, Josh Hawley still has a significant lead with 56.5% of the vote with Tony Monetti at 9.3% and Austin Petersen at 9.2%. The other several candidates make up 25.1% of the vote. Long ways to go still, but looking good for Hawley.

8:24 EST: With first results coming in, Josh Hawley is on top with 56% of the vote, with Tony Monetti having 11.1%, Kristi Nichols having 9.3% of the vote and Austin Petersen receiving 6.7% so far. Only 1,478 votes are in so far, however, so you still have a while to go.

7:49 EST: Results are scheduled to start coming in at 8:30 EST. Stay tuned for updates.

Tonight is the night of the primaries for the Senate race in Missouri to determine who’ll be the Republican and Democratic nominees in November. Incumbent Claire McCaskill is expected to get re-elected, but the Republicans may put up a worthwhile fight. So we will be watching the Republican primaries The two main candidates are Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley and Austin Petersen. We’ll be updating results onto this page as they come in. Polls close at 8 PM EST, the first results are expected at 8:30 PM EST.

Petersen is one of the most visible libertarian voices running for office this election cycle, as his campaign has pushed for and championed many causes libertarians have long fought for such as an audit of the Federal Reserve, Criminal Justice Reform, an adoption of a non-interventionist Foreign Policy, cutting spending and taxes, protecting cryptocurrency from government regulation (which lead him to receive the biggest Bitcoin donation in American campaign history), championing strong 2nd amendment rights (and even gave away 2 AR-15s and a 3-D printed gun), and much, much more.

Although Petersen has strong grassroots support, the odds are against him, as the Republican establishment and Mitch McConnell wing of the GOP did everything in their power to ensure that Josh Hawley was the nominee representing the Republican Party in November. The Missouri GOP even decided to spend money on Hawley’s campaign before he became the official nominee instead of waiting for the Missouri voters to make their decision on who they wanted the nominee to be.